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Founded in 2002, the YCET Computer Science& Information Technology (CS&IT) Department continues to lead the world in computer science research and Information technology education. Throughout the past one decade, the YCET CS&IT Department has influenced society at levels that remain without parallel among academic institutions. Its spin- offs are among the most successful corporate ventures in the world, and many of the leaders in the academic and corporate research world are graduates of the YCET CS&IT Department. The Computer Science and Information Technology Department at YCET has excellent faculty who are dedicated to teaching, research and student advisement.

The department offers two streams of B.Tech courses in Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology, and two post graduate levels M.Tech. Degrees with a major in Computer Science & Engineering and Network Engineering.

Our faculty is thought leaders in Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering education and Research. With their extensive experience and interests, they offer a confluent balance of rigorous theory and practice of the discipline in the classrooms as well as their research projects. Their doors are always open to students and their parents, academic and industry colleagues .

Computer Science and Information Technology Department (CS&IT) is located in the main building second floor and has excellent classroom, more than 5 laboratories, and student facilities. Ready access is provided to several modern, networked PC and CISCO certified laboratories within the department. The campus fiber backbone supports easy Internet and World Wide Web access. Additional 250 PC laboratories are also distributed across the campus. The department has microcomputer and network laboratories for instruction in logic design, computer architecture, and networking.

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National Conference on Innovations in Computing and Networks


Orientation program for 1st year B.Tech Students(KTU) Conducted by ICT Academy,Kerala.


Oracle Database Programming workshop on July 1st 2015 Conducted by Oracle Trainers.

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A meeting for CISTOF members will be held as soon.

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